[lug] linux router project

Gordon J. Holtslander holtslander at sask.usask.ca
Tue Aug 22 10:52:51 MDT 2000

Hi from Saskatoon:

I am trying to set up a simple router using the software developed by
the linux router project http://www.linuxrouter.org.  Does anyone have
any experience with this?  I can't get the one I set up to "route".  No
one in the Saskatoon Linux Group has experience with this.

FYI the LRP is a collection of linux software that fits on a floppy
disk.  It lets you use an old 486 (or better) as a router by putting two
network cards in it (or modem and card) and running the computer off the
LRP disk.

I need make a bridge from 10base2 ethernet (the kind our building is
wired with) to 10baseT.  We have a new faculty member in out dept with
an iMac.  iMacs are only fitted with a 10baseT connection.  Its not
possible to add a network card to these.  

It costs us $950.00 to put a new 10baseT line into an office.  I thought
the LRP would provide a much cheaper solution.

If anyone is familiar with this I would love to pick their brains ;)


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