How Home Backups Should Be Done(tm) Was: [lug] Tape Drive Recommendation..

Kyle Moore kmoore at
Tue Aug 22 20:10:40 MDT 2000

I think the proper way to do backups at home is:

01. Get work to give you a nice external SCSI DDS drive to take home.
02. Start off with 20 tapes or so (also provided by work).
03. Make full backup of system every night while you sleep.
04. Keep daily backups for 1 week.
05. Keep weekly backups for 2 months.
06. Keep monthly backups for 6 years.
07. Keep quarterly backups for 2 years.
08. Keep yearly backups for 7 years.

Of course, all this relies on work placing value on the data you have on
your home systems.

Now if I could only find a job that would give me some bandwidth above


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