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Coax networks are usually referred to as 10base2.  The advantage is that you don't need
any hubs - new computers are simply connected in series with the other computers.  A
conceptual andvantage of this technology is that you can transmit much higher
frequencies (and therby data flow) over a coax line than you can transmit over a
twisted pair of wires (10baseT).  This is just a matter of physics.  But if someone on
a coax network does something nasty to the cable like bending it around a tight corner
or driving a nail through it then you change the impedance of the cable, resulting in a
transmission problem.  That is the reason some people consider those networks to be

Better is always subjective - it is simply a different technology.  The guys at NIST or
any HAM operator can tell you lots more about this.


PC Drew wrote:

> "To understand recursion, we must first understand recursion."
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Glenn Ashton wrote:
> > Perhaps their objections are real.  10base2 can be very flakey.  Does
> > anyone else on the list know if the network people's objection to a media
> > converter is valid?  I'd be curious to know.
> Out of pure ignorance, here's a question: why not upgrade to Ethernet?  Granted,
> I don't know very much about token ring or any of these other topologies, but
> I do know ethernet.  And I do know that it works, it's fast, and it's good.
> Do they not want to upgrade because it would cost too much money?
> If anyone can elighten me as to why 10base2 is better than ethernet, I'd appreciate
> it.
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