[lug] Samba and Subnets

Bonnell, Doug DBonnell at BreeceHill.com
Thu Aug 24 08:40:45 MDT 2000

I'm fairly new to using Samba, so I'm not familiar with all of it's 
configuration options. It's my hope that Samba is just not 
configured properly. I am also aware that there are general
troubles with Windows machines seen each other and their
shares across different networks.

That said, here is the setup:

      One Linux machine that acts as a bridge between a
      hardwired network and a wireless network. The Linux
      machine is the "Master Browser" for the SMB stuff.

      The wired network has 3 Windows98 machines on it.

      The wireless network has 1 WindowsNT machine on it.

Systems on the wired network can see each other properly
and all shares are accessible. These systems can also see
the machine on the wireless network and it's shares.

The problem is that the WindowsNT machine can only see
its self, there appears to be no access to the "Master Browser's"
information. Since I'm working OK from wired to wireless, I assume
my packet forwarding and routing are OK. I can ping the Linux
box at both of it's interfaces.

Is there something in Samba's setup that I don't have correct?

Thanks for your help,

Doug Bonnell

PS - The Linux machine is at home, so I don't have my Samba config
        file handy. If someone needs to look at it, let me know and I will
        send it via Email. TNX

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