[[lug] DSL, static IPs and the hunt for red october.]

Justin glowecon at netscape.net
Thu Aug 24 12:37:59 MDT 2000

You can get your ip either way. Usually going with the circuit provider (Qwest
in your case) is the cheapest. ISP's are "generally" more expensive because
they can provide more personable support and assistance (atleast that is what
my last ISP told me before I started using uswest as my ISP). I have a block
of ip's thru USwest (Qwest..whatever) which gives me 5 usuable ip address's.
You can also get a single static ip or I think they will even set you up
dynamically. It gets more expensive starting at dynamic then going up to ip
blocks. I pay around $90 a month for my 24/7 always on 256k up/down DSL
circuit, ISP fee's, and the block of ip's. All provided thru USwest and it all
comes on the same bill that my phone is on (nice convenience). I'm even
getting more for my money, if you want to say that, because my Cisco shows
that my down stream speed is around 650k and the up stream speed is around
270k  :). Dynamic DNS is possible although I've never done it. Hope this


John Starkey <jstarkey at ajstarkey.com> wrote:
> I just found out a little about DSL that I didn't know. For one that I'll
> need an ISP. 
> Do I get my IP from the ISP then or is it assigned via Qwest?
> I also heard about Dynamic DNS. Anyone have experience using it or is
> there a program out the that can detect my IP and submit it to my SOA?
> Doesn't sound like that good of an idea, just curious.
> If anyone on this list works for/owns an ISP and can assign me a static IP
> via DSL can you contact me personally?
> I have a static IP with another provider but they're not in the Qwest
> grid. 
> And I guess the really important question is: does anyone know a way of
> getting a static IP from Qwest??
> TIA,
> John
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