[lug] @Home - A QUICK QUESTION.

Terry Branaman tbranam at firstworld.net
Thu Aug 24 13:05:39 MDT 2000

As others have said, you need to have forwarding and masquerading turned on
in order to get your Windows machine onto the Internet. While you are at it,
you might want to set up a firewall to reduce the chances of others getting
into your system uninvited.

One resource to simplify this process is at
http://www.linux-firewall-tools.com/linux/. This site has an online tool to
build a script (based on your answers about your configuration and what you
want to allow/disallow) to enable and start a firewall, and *greatly*
reduces the amount of typing needed to do so. It also mentions a book that,
IMHO, is a good place to start learning about firewalls.

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