[lug] RE: Printing Problems

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Thu Aug 24 17:47:16 MDT 2000

Brian Armstrong wrote:
>     On the resistant machine,  if I install   lpr-0.48-1.i386.rpm    the
> problem goes away.
>     But if I reinstall  lpr-0.41-2.i386.rpm, which came with the 6.1
> distribution, the problem comes back.
>     If anyone has this symptom, I suggest upgrading lpr (the RPM
> includes lpd).

And _I_ suggest upgrading to lprNG - my former employer (with 10
JetDirect-connected printers) has had no problems with network printing since
installing lprNG on the Samba server - in sharp contrast to the lpd hangups and
leftover print queue files (hundreds of megs, at times) which lpr left us with.


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