[[lug] DSL, static IPs and the hunt for red october.]

Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
Fri Aug 25 11:00:27 MDT 2000

Please do not further intentionally misrepresent what I have said
clearly and unambiguously in earlier postings, sir. As stated earlier,
I acquired a domain name and its legally connected class-C block of
IP@'s roughly five years ago, and at that time they were part of an
ISP arrangement. I have since changed ISP's several times, and have
untaken to manage my ISP/domain name registration with registrars
who are not (my) ISP(s). For several years, I paid $25 / yr for this
registration service through Network Solutions. As I became
increasingly dissatisfied with their (absence of) service, I followed
a lead posted to this list several months ago and changed my
registrar to register.com, with whom I am so far quite satisfied.

Consider yourself enlightend, now, regarding "where is it you can
get a /24 block for $35 per year". Also, it is true, I did not
in fact preced my message with "back in the good old days ... 7 or 8
years ago", simply because this would have been untrue. I first
acquired this domain name and its associated domain (the "/24 block"
to which you refer) no earlier than late '95, and actually more like early
'96, making it barely half as "old" albeit just as "good" as the 7-8 years
you claim.

The comments I have seen from you and others are remarkable
primarily by the absence of any reference to known or personally
experienced prices which might serve to objectively and quantitatively
counter simple arithmetic based on numbers cited by posters to this
list and compared with numbers from my own experience. Further,
it is poor science, argument, or arithmetic to claim to refute a calculation
correctly arriving at a number of 576,000%, by saying that you wonder
where I get the lower price. Please bear in mind that this information
was clearly conveyed in earlier postings which you have chosen to
ignore, for reason obscure since unstated. To avoid being susceptible
to the same criticism, let me state unequivocally: I have made these
statements because they are true.

As regards this fantasy that there is no relation between domain names
and domains, of what else could an IP domain possibly consist, but
IP addresses, and to what else could an Internat domain name possibly
refer, but an Internet domain?

Sean Reifschneider wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 07:45:14AM -0600, Duke Smith wrote:
> >provided services. This amounts to $768 per 256 (a class-C block),
> >the usual charge for which is $35 / yr. Hence, ((768 / 35) * 100) ->
> Where do you get this charge of $35 per year?  That's what some
> Registration Service Providers charge for a *DOMAIN*, but of course
> RSPs have nothing to do with the allocation of IPs.
> Do enlighten us, where is it you can get a /24 block for $35
> per year.
> It sounds like you simply forgot to prefix your message with
> "back in the good old days".  Sure, back 7 or 8 years ago they
> weren't giving out anything smaller than a /24 block, and both
> the IPs and the domain name you'd usually put on it were *FREE*.
> But comparing the current charges for IPs against what you had
> to pay to get them back in the ancient times isn't really fair,
> is it?  A loaf of bread used to be a nickle, but what bearing
> does that have on our lives today?
> Sure, you can get an ASN and apply with ARIN to get some portable
> addresses.  Expect the request to be turned down if they find you're
> running a DSL line though.  The average person doesn't apply for an
> ASN, run BGP, etc.
> If it's so easy to get a /24 for $35, why are you being so vague
> about how you do it?  By all means, show us a web page or something
> you can put your $35 in and get a /24 out.
> >(generally, not us, but ISP stockholders). Hence, your comments are, as you
> > intimate below, (inimitably) superfluous.
> Uh huh.  Give it a break.  Trying so hard to be inflamatory tends to
> undermine your point.
> Sean
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