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Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Fri Aug 25 11:31:49 MDT 2000

These messages appear almost like you're trolling.  I ordinarily
avoid them, but I don't want people who don't know any better to
come away thinking that they can get NSI or register.com to
allocate them a /24, or that domain names are tied to IP

It should be an easy argument for you to win.  Simply give a URL
which I can pay $35 for a /24 block of IP addresses.  The references
you gave earlier only allow you to allocate a domain name, and it
does not make reference to allocation of IP addresses.

On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 11:00:27AM -0600, Duke Smith wrote:
>registration service through Network Solutions. As I became
>increasingly dissatisfied with their (absence of) service, I followed
>a lead posted to this list several months ago and changed my
>registrar to register.com, with whom I am so far quite satisfied.
>Consider yourself enlightend, now, regarding "where is it you can
>get a /24 block for $35 per year". Also, it is true, I did not

Neither NSI nor register.com allocate IP addresses.  PERIOD.
You cannot go to register.com or networksolutions.com and
have them allocate you a block of IPs.  PERIOD.  They will
register a domain for you.  PERIOD.

If you can show a URL on either of these services where they will
allocate you an IP, I will publicly appologise to you.  Until then,
I consider you in error.  The "http://www.register.com/" web page
has no reference to IPs or address allocation, only to domain

>list and compared with numbers from my own experience. Further,
>it is poor science, argument, or arithmetic to claim to refute a calculation
>correctly arriving at a number of 576,000%, by saying that you wonder

I understand how you arrive at the argument.  However, since you don't
actually have any proof to back up your claim that somone can (again,
today) go out and buy a /24 block of IP addresses for $35, you may
as well be generating a percentage of over four hundred million percent
by claiming that you can get a /24 AND a loaf of bread for a nickle.
It would be equally valid.

It is poor science to base a calculation on an invalid number, and you
have yet to prove the $35/year number.

>As regards this fantasy that there is no relation between domain names
>and domains, of what else could an IP domain possibly consist, but

A domain record can consist entirely of CNAME records (pointers to other
doamin names).

>IP addresses, and to what else could an Internat domain name possibly
>refer, but an Internet domain?

Obviously an IP address doesn't have to refer to an Internet domain
name, not all IPs are allocated.

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