[[lug] DSL, static IPs and the hunt for red october.]

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Hehe yea people are strange..



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>On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 07:58:52PM +0000, Stephen G. Smith wrote:
> >In the world of routing, if your ISP (your upstream) did not continue to
> >exist and you had to change providers...How will you convince your
>Usually, you wouldn't.  Unless you have a portable IP or ASN, you can't.
>Usually, you'd simply change your DNS settings -- it's MUCH easier than
>trying to move IPs, even if the IPs that your DNS servers were on are
>now history.
> >their upstream..For Instance, when GE bought out many common
> >backbone providers, every customer(ISP) had to change their entire
> >routing structure to fit the new address space allocated by GE.
>Usually, if an ISP gets bought out, the ISP that buys them also buys the
>rights to use their old IPs.  They may eventually migrate certain services
>or equipment into their normal network (usually associated with moving the
>equipment or dialtone physicly to their location).
>Just because ISPn buys you doesn't mean that you have to stop using
>your IPs.  I've worked with a number of ISPs that have been aquired by
>others and have never seen a wholesale IP address change.  While
>in theory it's possible, it's just not an easy change to do.  Heck,
>one ISP opted to leave a couple of analog modems at a deprecated POP
>for 6 months just because they couldn't get the users to change the
>phone number they were dialing...  ;-/
>  There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them.
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