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Andrew Reberry Andrew.Reberry at colorado.edu
Fri Aug 25 19:41:50 MDT 2000

I have two things..  First I want to say that I have signed up for cable services with @home, and am very happy.  I have not droped below 1500.0 Kbps (1.5Mbps) for downspeed and 190.0 K bytes/sec for my upspeed.  I know this will decrease over time, but for now it is better then the 512k adsl I was using before.

My question to all is:  Anyone know anything about the SurfBoard cable modem?  Its manual says the modem can be used for up to 32 computers and that "The network administrator at your service provider configures your modem for multiple users."  Can I get in and change this stuff?

Can I telnet into it?  Anyone know any cool features it might have?

I found the product page at http://www.surfboard.com/, however I could not find anything of use over there.  I did not spend a lot of time, but simply browsed around the site.

I do not own the modem (am leasing it) and also don't know the legal issues of playing with this stuff.  I have read the AT&T @Home subscriber Agreement and have not found anything about playing with the modem and its configuration.  So I figure if I can play with it to make my modem support more people...  heck, why not?  The reason is I do not wish to run a masquerading server and do not wish to buy another hub...

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