[Re: [Re: [[lug] DSL, static IPs and the hunt for red october.]]]

Justin glowecon at netscape.net
Sat Aug 26 13:19:00 MDT 2000

Sean Reifschneider <jafo at tummy.com> wrote:
> I prefer to support the local ISP alternatives, especially when the
> alternative is to give more money to a company a messed up as US West.
> Sean
> -- 
>  A little help at the right time is better than a lot of help at the wrong
>  time.

I also "prefer" to support local ISP's as I have since I've lived in Denver,
until now of course. However, everyone has budgit restrictions and at the
time, my options were either spend a whole lot of money or not quite a whole
lot of money for what I wanted to do. US West was offering the
latter...fortunately I haven't been plagued with any downtime or problems
since my DSL line was turned up about 4 months ago. In fact I must say I've
been pretty impressed with the service so far (something is bound to go wrong
now  ;-). The only downside was that it took nearly 3 months for US West to
get things straightened out and get me a functioning DSL line. 


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