[[lug] DSL, static IPs and the hunt for red october.]

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Sat Aug 26 23:39:32 MDT 2000

> BTW, I've never heard of anyone smoking heroin. Is it a good high?

Til you grow up maybe??? Or uhhh... that's what I've heard. I have heard
of people smoking the crap. They say the street junk got's too much coffee
and vinager.

Wait a minute. This can't be the end of the argument. I was starting to
learn more acronyms. Where you guys going??? Come back.


Thanks for the extra info. Best argument I ever accidently started. You
guys are the best. I even came up with an idea for a new online university
(can you tell I'm coding for eCollege). We'll lock everyone in a chat
room, the students spectating, and let the old folks go at it. Then send
the students off to do projects themselves. Those are the best two ways I

Ok.... off to the question-drawing board... errr ... keyboard.


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