[lug] DNS and a thanks for the DSL info.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Sun Aug 27 09:39:38 MDT 2000

> As an experiment, you can set up records for "example.com" just as I did
> above (example.com is allocated for use as an example).

I just did this except I only modified my existing entry. After a 9 months
of this I finally got a response. 

Guess it just needed a "touch of LUG" :} I changed /etc/resolv.conf added
the NS RR and restarted. I'm really not sure what happened to make it
work. I've had them set this way before, maybe I just had some bad entries
other than these and didn't realize it. Regardless. Thanks for the help,
you made me do something right :}

Ok. Now my confidence in this issues is almost there. time to break it :}

Thanks again,


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