[lug] DNS and a thanks for the DSL info.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Sun Aug 27 10:38:03 MDT 2000

>  reverse these 'strings' and append 'inet-addr.arpa.' to it.
>  192 168 2 => '2.168.192.inet-addr.arpa.'
>  This is what gets looked up if you look up an IP address.

Ok, for clarification on my end. If I owned 0/255 then I can handle it all
on my end? But I will need their reverse since they actually own the
0/255?? And that goes back to the recent DSL posts. I'd have to pay that
"couple million time mark-up" thing :}

I'm not ready for that expense. With everyone buying all the IP at s we
should create a LUG IP coop. 256 at a time. Sounds like LUG's got the
people and the know how.
> So, technically speaking one can only set up a SOA for a class A/B/C
> network. There are clever workarrounds for this (have a look at the
> bind-book) but they all involve some sort of work on the side of the
> 'owner' of the IP-range you happen to live in.

I better stick with the internals for now I think. Seeins that there isn't
anyway around dealing with the "entity".

> nslookup can do both: use the resolver (which is a system library, _not_ 
> a server!) or directly ask a server. In 'nslookup' you can set the
> server that gets asked with: 
>  server some.nameserver.com.

Oh this is so great. A new command and it worked. DNS has always been a
big problem on this machine.

> depends on the server you want to run. I use bind and start that service
> from an init script. But the exact workings of this depend on the distribution
> you use.

Yeah, that's how it's set up here. 



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