[lug] DNS and a thanks for the DSL info.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Sun Aug 27 22:27:53 MDT 2000

> Why are you waiting for Network Solutions to show a record of it?  They're
> just another registrar these days (though they're probably still the largest
> because of the huge head start they got).  You probably mean (or SHOULD mean
> ;-) that you're waiting for the InterNIC to show the registration.
> It seems to be showing up for me...

Until you led me that way I didn't check internic. My registrar told me
that network solutions would be where I go for to change the IP associated
with my domain. So I was waiting for them. I did the whois at internic and
it told me opensrs had my records. I was led astray. 

> If you want the registration to show up at NSI, you'll have to pay NSI
> to move it there (typicly the cost of another domain-year).  Since you
> registered it through an RSP that uses OpenSRS, it'll show up at

This is where the confusion stemmed from.

> It'll usually take about a day before the change gets propogated to
> the InterNIC.  Then people will start querying your server.

Cool. Does this mean I'll be important?:}

One thing: do I need a zone file for ns.advancecreations.com?? The only
thing I have is 

SOA advancecreations w/
@     IN    NS    ns.advancecreations.com
ns    IN    A     advancecreations

I'm so used to doing everything with /etc/hosts and /etc/HOSTNAME that I
don't get how any machine will know the server is on my machine. 



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