[lug] DNS and a thanks for the DSL info.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Mon Aug 28 12:24:15 MDT 2000

> Well, you should be able to query any DNS server (say, the ones at
> your ISP -- use whois on their domain to find their names) to see if
> they're picking up the addresses correctly.  I note that now your
> domain shows only "ns.hughes.net" -- yesterday I believe it showed
> several hughes.net DNS servers.
> You may want to check the management interface to make sure that it's
> listing the DNS servers you expect.

I have no idea why. I changed it to ONLY my ns for now. I know that's not
recommended but it an education thing.

I haven't asked hughes.net to delete my records yet so maybe it's related
to that. A colision of some sort?

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