[lug] linux kernel mailing list??

Ken Scott kscott-list at pcisys.net
Mon Aug 28 15:30:02 MDT 2000

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Stephen Coffin wrote:

> For years, I was subscribed to the linux kernel mailing list.
> But a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly stopped getting the list,
> and now I can't seem to find out what happened or how to get
> re-subscribed.  Anyone know about this?  Did the mailing list
> suddenly stop or change its subscription policies?
> Any comments appreciated....

The drive on the rutgers.edu box died an ugly death, so the list was moved
to a server that RedHat provided. New box is vger.kernel.org. It's still a
majordomo list, so same subscription info should work.


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