[lug] Caldera Install.

Michael Sage msage at peakpeak.com
Mon Aug 28 17:03:46 MDT 2000

I just did the same install this past weekend, after a few months of
Mandrake 7, Debian, and Storm 2000. I had PacMan instead of Tetris, though,
and it, too, was barely playable.

One thing I noticed was its non-recognition of my 1 gig Win2K partition
during install. I had to manually go and modify lilo.conf after the install.
Every other distro that I've used has seen the other partition...

"Cute" is the perfect description.


> I have a machine that I need to do an install on, and since we got Caldera
> recently I figured I'd give it a try.  Figured I'd write up what I thought
> about it.
> The installer is fairly cute.  It seems to take a long time to read the
> initrd and kernel from the CD (nearly a minute, usually it's faster
> than that from CD).  It fairly quickly switches to what looks like an
> libsvga init-like program that starts a bunch of things.  The last of
> which is "LIZARD".  This actually starts up X and gets the install
> going.
> The first screen here is "Move the mouse and I'll find it".  Seems to work
> fine (should on a PS/2 mouse :-).  I did note with interest that one of
> the choices listed as "USB Mouse".  Hmm.
> It then goes through and asks a few system questions, then gets to the
> partition disc screen.  I selected "use entire disc", which gives you a
> button labled "Prepare Disk".  If you click on this, the hard drive light
> starts flashing and stays in this state for like 10 minutes.  From looking
> at other consoles it seems that it's partitioning the drive, formatting
> all the file-systems, and loading net and sound drivers.  Ok...  No
> progress bar, nothing, just "preparing disk".
> I tried playing with the disc partitioning stuff and thought it kind of
> sucked.
> THEN you have to go in and configure the networking, add users, select
> install type (Web Server and Network Server are a few of the 5 options).
> Then it pops you right into a tetris game, which is unfortunately
> because of all the other activity going on on the system (this is a
> 400 with 64MB RAM and 7200RPM IBM disc).
> It's a cute installer, but:
> Ask all questions, THEN go off and prepare the discs and load.
> Tell me why we're in a game, I didn't see anything saying "Now I'll
> pop you into a game while I'm loading -- don't try playing it because
> I'll be pounding on the machine".  ;-)
> Should be easy enough for somone familiar with loading Windows to deal
> That's who I'd recommend it to.
> Just FYI.
> Sean
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