[lug] Caldera Install.

LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Tue Aug 29 08:59:10 MDT 2000

A co-worker installed FreeBSD recently, and also said that it had 
Tetris.  I believe that he's got a pretty powerful machine, well > 
400MHz; and all SCSI.  He had no problems playing tetris.

Personally, I think that all the "automatic" detection and "fancy 
screens" are cute, but I prefer the Slackware distro.  I always have. 
 With Slackware, you have to specify each individual package you 
want to install.  It's a nice way to "guarentee" that you aren't 
installing a bunch of crap you'll never use.

My $0.02


Jason Packer/Boulder/Contr/IBM wrote:
> I'm no Caldera shill, nor do I use it in production anywhere, but 
what I
> can tell you is that on my PII-333/128, Tetris was very playable 
during the
> intsall of Caldera 2.4.  The reason I didn't keep Caldera is the 
> reason I don't use RedHat or Mandrake, and why I'm probably not 
going to
> keep the install of SuSE I put on my machine last night: too 
much crap.
> I'll go back to Slackware, methinks.  I like to install a base 
system with
> the bare minimum of crap and go from there, installing individual 
> to suit my needs.
>           Jason

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