[lug] gcc/g++ solaris differences from linux

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Tue Aug 29 11:00:18 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Archer Sully
> I doubt that you'll see any differences at all in a data 
> structures class.  Well, there will be alignment issues, etc...
> but those will not likely affect your work unless you try
> to transport structures between sparc and intel w/out an
> XDR.

Chris - in case this sounds a bit foreign, this just means transferring
data between the two machines from within your program (via a network, for

Other than this one example, you shouldn't see any differences.  Linux is
very close to POSIX compliance (if it's not already there) so there
shouldn't be any differences between file handles and data structure
manipulation using standard library calls.

I found porting my XNotesPlus between Linux and Solaris to amount to little
more than recompiling, even with signals.
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