[lug] OT: solaris admin book

Ian Hall-Beyer manuka at nerdherd.net
Tue Aug 29 14:08:42 MDT 2000

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Andrew Diederich wrote:

> I'm looking for a book on Solaris specific admin stuff.  I have the regular
> O'Reilly types (Essential System Administration, TCP/IP Network
> Administration) but there are quirks in Solaris I haven't grokked yet.  Any
> suggestions?

Solaris Essential Reference, John P Mulligan, New Riders

Fatbrain: ($20)


Also available at Softpro. ($25)B

Another good one is 

Solaris 8 System Administration Guide (3 volumes), Sun Microsystems Press

Fatbrain: ($116)



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