[lug] remote editing

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Tue Aug 29 19:35:51 MDT 2000

>>>>> "ds" == D Stimits <stimits at idcomm.com> writes:

ds> A long time ago I knew there was a means to use emacs to remote edit
ds> over an ftp connection, making it appear as if it was a local file.
ds> There was a short e-lisp script to set up, but I lost this long ago.
ds> Does anyone know what this would be?

under gnu emacs, it's called "ange-ftp".  under xemacs, it's called
"efs".  both should work about the same.  just find-file as usual, but
give it a name that looks like this:

   /user at host:/path/to/file/on/remote

works for dired and so forth, too.


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