[lug] Connecting to USWest

arnie asherman1 at uswest.net
Wed Aug 30 19:02:30 MDT 2000

I use a uswest.net account, and yesterday my password at the ISP became
corrupted, and I had to have tech support reset it. Can you log onto your
account from another machine or OS ? If not, you might think about calling

Aaron Root wrote:

> I've been connecting to USWest with Linux for months without problem,
> but now it fails after connecting for not even a second.  A part of my
> ppp.log file says:
> Connect: ppp0 <-->/dev/ttys0
> Remote message: Password:
> PAP authentication failed
> LCP terminated by peer
> I've dialed in with hyperterminal and verified that my chatscript is
> still expecting the correct text, but I must be missing something...
> Is anyone else using USWest(Qwest) that has had the same problem?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated
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