[lug] SCIOCTL: network not available

Ruskell Todd G Todd.Ruskell at Colorado.EDU
Wed Aug 30 20:32:05 MDT 2000


I'm stretching my memory significantly, but is this an ISA card?  If this
is the card I'm remembering, it was pseudo plug and play.  I had to run
the setup utility from the dos side, and then give lilo the eth0=***** as
an append command, where the ***** was irq, io, etc, as established by the
dos setup software.  

Then again, my memory could be way off :/


On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Wayde Allen wrote:

> OK, I've been fighting with an old PC and several distributions of Linux.
> This is an old loaner PC that I have for my office until I can get a new
> PC ordered, and the BIOS doesn't have a boot form CDROM option.
> So far, I've had the best luck getting Debian 2.2 (Potato) to load the
> base installation from floppies, but am not having any luck getting
> the network services running.  
> This system has an old 3c509B NIC, and the module appears to load OK.
> However, when I try starting network services I get:
>    SCIOCTL:  network not available
> This looks to me like a kernel level flag or variable.  Is this
> true?  Any suggestions?  When the system boots the log screen does report
> that the device exists, gives what looks to be a reasonable IRQ, shows the
> physical device address, and says that it is set to 10baseT (wich should
> be correct).  This is also after setting up the hostname, domain name, IP
> address, net mask, gateway, and DNS entries.
> Any ideas ...?
> - Wayde
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