[lug] SCIOCTL: network not available

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Wed Aug 30 20:37:44 MDT 2000

the 509B is a combo card, right?  will it auto-sense the correct
connector to use?  if not, you might have to plink at it with the
dos-based config tool.

if you have the option, odds are you'll have much better luck with a
15$ pci card.  you can usually pick up rtl8129 (?) or similar cards
for about that little, or e.g. netgear fa-301tx 10/100 tulip clones
for 20-25$.

finally, it might be that the boot kernel was compiled without
networking support (unlikely, but hey...).  if you have the
opportunity, try installing on a real machine, then transferring the
hard disc to the loaner.  or maybe try the slackware floppy boot set.
finally, can you find a boot/install floppy that can handle that
network card?  it might be easiest to do a network install...

free-association at its finest,

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