[lug] Crash during shutdown

Giuliano Rescaldani g.resca at iinfinito.it
Thu Aug 31 06:01:51 MDT 2000

Hi Calvin,

>>On my fresly installed Red Hat 6.2, eveything works
>>fine. When I shutdown the box, all the procrsses are brought
>>down correctly but at the very last steps, just after
>>the "power down" message, it crashes.
>>I think this happens because the OS tries to switch off
>>the PC but fails there. The APM is completely disabled
>>at bios level and the AMPD deamon is not started.
>> (I would like the OS doesn't try at all to manage power).

> What motherboard are you using?
> I've seen this behavior on the Tyan S1590.
This is an HP Vectra VE, (Pentimm 166).

I agree it is something strange on the Motherboard or better in the BIOS,
but I wonder how to convince Linux to completely ignore the APM and not to
try to power off the box!


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