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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Sep 1 16:35:49 MDT 2000

There's been a lot of problems talked about on
debian-cd at lists.debian.org about the CheapBytes images.  Their QA seems
to have missed a bunch of CD's that were bad.

Also, there's a ONE BIT change to the official CD images for rev0 if you
want to load pdksh on your system.  pdksh on the official images is

They're planning a rev1 CD image release to fix it with other fixes

If you're using Sparc images, there's a major problem with the originals
-- they won't boot!  :)

There's already a rev1 for Sparc.


On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 08:40:19PM -0600, Chris Riddoch wrote:
> Kyle Moore <kmoore at trustamerica.com> writes:
> > Anyone want Debian 2.2 on CD at the next meeting? I just finished
> > rsyncing the Official binaries and was thinking if someone else wanted
> > them I might be willing to make some copies. Not everyone has a nice,
> > fast net connection with enough disk space to do it. I did my own
> > because I didn't want to do another net install over my 56k line at home
> > and I have had mixed luck with buying the cd's. 
> > 
> > Let me know if you might be interested and I'll start thinking about how
> > much it costs me to make them. Then I can let you know how much before
> > you commit to a set.
> > -- 
> > 
> > ----
> > Kyle Moore
> Darn. And I just ordered my set from cheapbytes yesterday. About $18,
> including shipping, for 3 binary and 3 source CDs. It'll be quite the
> stack of CDs.
> I'd give you a few dollars for a CD of the non-US packages, though.
> --
> Chris Riddoch
> socket at peakpeak.com
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