[lug] Might need some help tomorrow

Kevin Cullis kevincu at orci.com
Thu Aug 31 08:26:14 MDT 2000

Hi all,

I've contacted an organization called Technology for All and their
office, right now, is on Boulder.  You can find out about what they are
at their web site:  http://www.techforall.org/

If anyone from Boulder would like to meet with me, you're more than

I've now got a tentative meeting with the Technology for All Executive
Director for this Friday at 11:00 AM in Boulder.  Originally he sounded
like it was a go to donate 50 CDs of Star Office and Redhat 6.2 and now
he has given indications that he might change his mind.  While I can
talk business issues and will put together a "briefing sheet" for the
benefits of Linux, I was wondering if someone else would like to discuss
the more technical stuff with him if needed?  We're planning about an
hour, maybe two if needed, but he wants to know and see Linux in action.

In addition, their computer systems will be donated and given to kids to
"earn and learn" and non-profits to use.  So, is there anyone who would
like to go to Boulder with me or meet me in Boulder?  Email or call me,
720-489-9283, to discuss.

I plan on bringing my system so that he can see what he will be getting
as well as give him an introduction to Linux.  If someone has a laptop
with Linux installed that we could add to the mix, I think he'd be
pretty amazed.

Any suggestions you all have, I'm listening.

Talk at you later.

Success is never final, failure is never fatal, unless you quit on
others and yourself.
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