[lug] Cisco 675 Config.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Tue Sep 5 19:35:13 MDT 2000

Hello again.

I recieved my DSL kit a few days ago. And I've got severl questions for
those DSL users out there.

Ok. So I've got everything hooked up the way it seems it should based on
the Manual. I've been looking through Cisco's site for help and I'm stuck
on the very first process-- finding CBOS.

I've got the CDROM (Commander). I've looked through it and can't find any
UNIX executables. Do I have the wrong CDROM?? Dumb question??

Is there a site anyone knows of where I can find the CBOS program for

They sent me the user guide for Windoze. (why.... them..... :} )
I told them I wanted it for either Mac or Linux. So I got the obvious
choice I guess.

I called tech. support to find out if the blinking (WAN) LNK light would
become steady green when they've got me up and running. They said yes.
Anyone know of a reason they may be wrong?? If so how will I know they've
got me config'd.

I'm seeing a steady greeen light on the LAN LNK which is connected to the
hub <uplink>. But I'm gonna MASQ thru eth0 to eth1 on the linux box once I
have everything ok. It was steady green when I connected to eth0 also so I
guess everything is ok there? Meaning all I need is CBOS now to config??
If not can I config it from native commands (linux)??

I was told that they always try to config the router before they send it
out. So I assume it's ready to go for Windoze based on the info I've



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