[lug] Cisco 675 Config.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Tue Sep 5 20:21:08 MDT 2000

> What is CBOS supposed to be? 


Cisco Broadband Operating System. I did a search for dsl, linux, software
and this is what came up. It has a check list that says this is the first
step. BUT if there is a way to avoid this and do it withouth a GUI (or
other) I'd prefer that.

> I simply connect the management cable to the
> 675 and use a terminal program (I use kermit).

Is this the serial-to-eth cable? Or can I just connect from a spare
ethx or better yet the hub into the management connection??

I haven't set up a serial connector on this box.

> I don't know, I've never used the cdrom.

That's a relief. No version problems.

> The WAN link light will go from blinking to solid when the connection is up.
> Usually this takes around 12 seconds. 

I set up "always on". What I really was getting at was; I have no clue
what I'm doing here (obviously). But will the light be steady even if I'm
not set up going into the router? Meaning the light only indicates that
the router is talking DSL. I don't have to config it to know when DSL is

> If it's always blinking, either
> you need to set up your PPP settings, or QWest is having some DSL issues
> on your line.

So do I need to use ppp0 (I've only used PPP (that I know of) for
dial-up). When using Cable modem is it also considered a
PPP connection?? "Point-to-Point" would kind indicate that it is. I don't
know if there is a parallel protocol to PPP.

> Once you connect to it using minicom or whatever (again, make SURE you
> disable hardware flow control *BEFORE* typing anything to the 675),

Done. And minicom is open but pointing to my internal modem (not the
router). not sure where to point it: eth0 or a serial port. (see above).

> them to your own ISPs.  I haven't used this setup, I'm running static
> IPs.

Yea, I bought/leased? a block of 8, but have no clue how I'll find out
what they are. I assume the actual IP@ wont be guaranteed until the
service is up, so I haven't bothered to ask.


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