[lug] Firewalls again.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Mon Sep 4 18:24:48 MDT 2000

I'm setting up my firewall more better now. I've been using cut-and-paste
scripts. So I'm finally getting around to working with ipchains since my
boxes are offline.

I've been fighting this all day. HOWTOs and experiments. But one thing I
can't get past and now I'm convinced it doesn't work that way -- I can't
do a -P DENY and ACCEPT what I want. I'm having to -P ACCEPT and then
negate every rule.

Is this correct??? Doesn't seem very logical.

I've tried so many things and can't find a way around that. The HOWTo
doesn't elaborate on this. And I also can't find the private mailing I
recieved from some of the users on this list regarding this topicy. I
wanted to see the real life scripts to compare.


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