[lug] e2fsck emergency

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Mon Sep 4 23:38:02 MDT 2000

An added question. I've decided if I must reinstall, I'm completely 
removing ext2. I want reiserfs, or any journaling system. However, is this 
possible to use during initial install? Will I be required to use ext2 on 
root? With the SuperMicro i840, I need something far more recoverable. Do 
any of the distributions now offer a journaling filesystem that I can 
install directly to?

Dan Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com
(303) 772-5755

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While working with some experimental code, my machine locked up hard (I
have magic sysrq installed, it was dead). Unfortunately, I was also in the
middle of a large, heavy compile. fsck was unable ot fix it. Going into
single user mode, I have been unable to find a way to get fsck to even let
me attempt manual recovery. I know not to use the -a option, for example.
What is the secret? If not, I will have to fdisk the entire partition and
all my work. I have a 2nd machine up, but no matter what I try, it can't
find what it needs (I get to single user just fine, after that there seems
to be nothing left but reinstalling).

Part of the problem is this damned i840 chipset from a SuperMicro dual cpu
board. I run with "noapic" now, but it isn't quite right. I need an
immediate replacement for this m/b, but it must use PC133 or PC100 ram, it
must not be i840, and it has to somehow support my ultra 160 drives. This
means it needs onboard ultra 160, or a 64 bit pci slot. I can't afford r
dram, and was planning on taking some time off, but now will need to look
early for work (I'm a C++ programmer, and recently decided I wasn't going
to be stuck working on just NT web sites anymore). So the next question
will be if there are any unix/linux C++ jobs open out there. My vacation
money is about to be cut short. If the board supports slot 1 this is best,
but if I have to trash the cpu's to get a stable motherboard, so be it,
SuperMicro must be removed. The Iwill DCA200 would be good, except that it
requires rdram.


D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com
(303) 772-5755

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