[lug] Cisco 675 Config.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Tue Sep 5 08:33:41 MDT 2000

Did they call you and give you the IP@, login, and password info?? 

It's funny how this has worked so far. I ordered DSL on the 19th. They
compare relatively well to ATT in that they gave me several different
answers as to whether I could get DSL or not, I finally told them I wasn't
gonna pay for the line if I couldn't get it, because I'd be disconnecting
immediately to go with ATT. Then finally someone tested the neighbors line
and she was eligible. They said they needed 10 days an I can't order DSL
the same day I order regular service, so they'll place the order on the
24th have it up on the 10th. Then they send me this router with no info
about IP@, login, or even how to tell when they have it set up.

I checked a couple other ISPs but noone could speed them up either so I
just stayed with USWest.net.

Anyway. Enough complaining. I'm gathering from your message that all I can
do is wait for the light to stop blinking or the 10th. If they don't have
it config'd correctly then I won't know before the 10th whether they'd got
me up and running??

You know. If Windoze didn't need so many resources I'd install it on a
cheap box for this type of situation. Just to get things started when it's
assumed you are a Windoze user. That would even bump it up to "usable"
status in my mind.


On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Sean Reifschneider wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 10:21:08PM -0400, John Starkey wrote:
> >step. BUT if there is a way to avoid this and do it withouth a GUI (or
> >other) I'd prefer that.
> I'd be shocked if they sent you a 675 that didn't have the firmware
> on it.  You can probably skip that step.  If you can't, you're hosed,
> Cisco doesn't offer those files for anonymous FTP or anything that I
> could find -- we needed to upgrade our 675 last week and the files
> were nowhere to be found on the Cisco site.  Indra had the 2.2.0
> version on ftp.indra.net:/cisco
> >Is this the serial-to-eth cable? Or can I just connect from a spare
> >ethx or better yet the hub into the management connection??
> The management cable is the serial cable.  You may be able to connect
> via ethernet, I don't know what IP that would be at though.  Maybe you'd
> get lucky and it would be configured for dhcp -- try starting DHCP
> and see if you get assigned an address by the Cisco.
> >what I'm doing here (obviously). But will the light be steady even if I'm
> >not set up going into the router? Meaning the light only indicates that
> >the router is talking DSL. I don't have to config it to know when DSL is
> The light will be up when the WAN link is connected.  This means that 
> if you don't have the right PPP information in there it will blink,
> or if your phone line is dead.  Those sorts of things.
> >So do I need to use ppp0 (I've only used PPP (that I know of) for
> >dial-up). When using Cable modem is it also considered a
> The 675 does PPP over ATM to speak to your DSL provider.  PPP is also
> used for T1 connections and the like -- it's more than just a dial-up
> modem protocol.
> >Done. And minicom is open but pointing to my internal modem (not the
> >router). not sure where to point it: eth0 or a serial port. (see above).
> The other serial port.
> >Yea, I bought/leased? a block of 8, but have no clue how I'll find out
> >what they are. I assume the actual IP@ wont be guaranteed until the
> >service is up, so I haven't bothered to ask.
> If your ISP hasn't activated the service and given you your PPP
> login/password, there's not much you can do except call them and
> ask them to get moving on it.
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