[lug] Cisco 675 Config.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Tue Sep 5 08:56:01 MDT 2000

>  >  a) PNP configuration - leave set at 'Disabled'
>  >  b) Interface Address - change to
>  >  c) network mask - leave set to
>  >  d) broadcast address - leave set to
>  >  e) default route - change setting to enabled, and enter value
>  >  f) change 'Init at boot time' to enabled
> As I remember once you set the default rout you should be able to ping the
> router at, and telnet to it at that address. Then you should be able
> to issue the cbos commands.

Hey!! It looks like I've got it. The LAN ACT light is constantly blinking
but when I ping it I see the pings.

Cool!! I was looking through the manual last night and saw that it is
telnetable. But who determines the IP@ for it? I assume I'll have to
change it to something in the net range.

> Someone w/ more experience in networking can probably give you more complete
> info. Sorry if this is vague, hopefully it will help. As I said, I actually
> set it up in windows first. From there getting Linux to see the router was
> relatively easy, actually easier than setting up a modem.

I used dialup on ppp0 for the first 8 months and remembering it as a pain
in the butt. Setting this up (while in disbelief that it'd work was much



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