[lug] Cisco 675 Config.

Atkinson, Chip CAtkinson at Circadence.com
Tue Sep 5 09:17:19 MDT 2000

Ok.  Once I "got" it, it seemed pretty trivial.  The biggest thing was that
my 675 connected and then dropped the connection, over and over again.
Eventually I got the second line of TS and the guy helped me through the
very low level reinit.  This isn't covered in the manuals and I have it
written down at home.  If this seems to be the problem, let me know and I'll
send the instructions to you.  

Initially you should have no password and you should be able to just hit
return when prompted for the password.  Keep in mind too that there are two
passwords on those things, one for the CBOS prompt, and the other for enable
mode.  There is also a web interface (port 80).

Good luck and let me know if I can help.  I'm no expert, but I did set up
both static and dynamic IP things.

I saw a bit from a posting which I deleted about putting the thing in
bridging mode, which would enable one more IP and secure the 675 from
tampering via network connections.


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Thanks for the reply Chip. I saw your last message but thought I should
reply to Sean's and Arnie's before I answered your question.

I called USWest on Fri to ask them if the light would stop blinking when
they've got me config'd. They said yea. But I posted here because this
list normally knows more about them than they do.

No the light is constant. I've heard about authentication nightmares. So
I'm trying to do everything I can before they are done. I actually have
picked up a hi-traffic site to host and need this up and blazing (god, I
hope they get me more than the guarranteed 256k, as everyone says) as soon
as I can, before they lose interest. I can't get USWest on their feet. I
was told I was one of only a few in line for the service here in Aurora.

Anyway. Arnie's message got me comm. with the 675. I just tried to telnet
in but was refused due to password not being set..... off to the manuals.
[yawn]. :}

Thanks again,


On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Atkinson, Chip wrote:

> When the light blinks, does it blink for a bit then go solid, and then
> blinking again?  If so, it may be that your 675 is getting the connection
> but can't get the connection started due to username/password.  
> Chip
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> Did they call you and give you the IP@, login, and password info?? 
> It's funny how this has worked so far. I ordered DSL on the 19th. They
> compare relatively well to ATT in that they gave me several different
> answers as to whether I could get DSL or not, I finally told them I wasn't
> gonna pay for the line if I couldn't get it, because I'd be disconnecting
> immediately to go with ATT. Then finally someone tested the neighbors line
> and she was eligible. They said they needed 10 days an I can't order DSL
> the same day I order regular service, so they'll place the order on the
> 24th have it up on the 10th. Then they send me this router with no info
> about IP@, login, or even how to tell when they have it set up.
> I checked a couple other ISPs but noone could speed them up either so I
> just stayed with USWest.net.
> Anyway. Enough complaining. I'm gathering from your message that all I can
> do is wait for the light to stop blinking or the 10th. If they don't have
> it config'd correctly then I won't know before the 10th whether they'd got
> me up and running??
> You know. If Windoze didn't need so many resources I'd install it on a
> cheap box for this type of situation. Just to get things started when it's
> assumed you are a Windoze user. That would even bump it up to "usable"
> status in my mind.
> John
> On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> > On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 10:21:08PM -0400, John Starkey wrote:
> > >step. BUT if there is a way to avoid this and do it withouth a GUI (or
> > >other) I'd prefer that.
> > 
> > I'd be shocked if they sent you a 675 that didn't have the firmware
> > on it.  You can probably skip that step.  If you can't, you're hosed,
> > Cisco doesn't offer those files for anonymous FTP or anything that I
> > could find -- we needed to upgrade our 675 last week and the files
> > were nowhere to be found on the Cisco site.  Indra had the 2.2.0
> > version on ftp.indra.net:/cisco
> > 
> > >Is this the serial-to-eth cable? Or can I just connect from a spare
> > >ethx or better yet the hub into the management connection??
> > 
> > The management cable is the serial cable.  You may be able to connect
> > via ethernet, I don't know what IP that would be at though.  Maybe you'd
> > get lucky and it would be configured for dhcp -- try starting DHCP
> > and see if you get assigned an address by the Cisco.
> > 
> > >what I'm doing here (obviously). But will the light be steady even if
> > >not set up going into the router? Meaning the light only indicates that
> > >the router is talking DSL. I don't have to config it to know when DSL
> > 
> > The light will be up when the WAN link is connected.  This means that 
> > if you don't have the right PPP information in there it will blink,
> > or if your phone line is dead.  Those sorts of things.
> > 
> > >So do I need to use ppp0 (I've only used PPP (that I know of) for
> > >dial-up). When using Cable modem is it also considered a
> > 
> > The 675 does PPP over ATM to speak to your DSL provider.  PPP is also
> > used for T1 connections and the like -- it's more than just a dial-up
> > modem protocol.
> > 
> > >Done. And minicom is open but pointing to my internal modem (not the
> > >router). not sure where to point it: eth0 or a serial port. (see
> > 
> > The other serial port.
> > 
> > >Yea, I bought/leased? a block of 8, but have no clue how I'll find out
> > >what they are. I assume the actual IP@ wont be guaranteed until the
> > >service is up, so I haven't bothered to ask.
> > 
> > If your ISP hasn't activated the service and given you your PPP
> > login/password, there's not much you can do except call them and
> > ask them to get moving on it.
> > 
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