[lug] Boulder ISPs

Jeremy J Hinegardner/Boulder/IBM jeremyhi at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 5 10:45:23 MDT 2000

I'm ending up going with Jato Communications (http://www.jato.com)
I'm still unclear on how they are doing it but they are able to get me
DSL when no one else is able (including USWest).  Aparently they
have their own CO down on Pearl Street.

It is more expensive than normal residential DSL you could get from 
a regular ISP in the area because it is considered a "business quality"
connection. It is also SDLS not ADSL.  Also included is up to 16 static 
IP addresses and DNS  service for 10 domains (according to my contract).
And they are local which is also nice.


Jeremy Hinegardner             jeremyhi at us.ibm.com

dialup is not an option.  it would be very painfull after having the T1.
I'm looking for enhanced service including a static IP address or two.

thanks for the info.


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