[lug] Boulder ISPs

Dan Radom dradom at pluto.birch.net
Tue Sep 5 10:47:03 MDT 2000

That sounds like what I'm looking for.  I work for a CLEC in the service
provider area and from various contacts I have I hear Jato is either going
out of business or is trying to get sold...

> I'm ending up going with Jato Communications (http://www.jato.com)
> I'm still unclear on how they are doing it but they are able to get me
> DSL when no one else is able (including USWest).  Aparently they
> have their own CO down on Pearl Street.
> It is more expensive than normal residential DSL you could get from 
> a regular ISP in the area because it is considered a "business quality"
> connection. It is also SDLS not ADSL.  Also included is up to 16 static 
> IP addresses and DNS  service for 10 domains (according to my contract).
> And they are local which is also nice.

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