[lug] Cisco 675 Config.

Guyote guyote at mho.net
Mon Sep 4 17:37:48 MDT 2000

John Starkey wrote:

> > What is CBOS supposed to be?
> http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/dsl_prod/c600s/600inop/rconfig.htm
> Cisco Broadband Operating System. I did a search for dsl, linux, software
> and this is what came up. It has a check list that says this is the first
> step. BUT if there is a way to avoid this and do it withouth a GUI (or
> other) I'd prefer that.
> > I simply connect the management cable to the
> > 675 and use a terminal program (I use kermit).
> Is this the serial-to-eth cable? Or can I just connect from a spare
> ethx or better yet the hub into the management connection??
> I haven't set up a serial connector on this box.
> > I don't know, I've never used the cdrom.
> That's a relief. No version problems.
> > The WAN link light will go from blinking to solid when the connection is up.
> > Usually this takes around 12 seconds.
> I set up "always on". What I really was getting at was; I have no clue
> what I'm doing here (obviously). But will the light be steady even if I'm
> not set up going into the router? Meaning the light only indicates that
> the router is talking DSL. I don't have to config it to know when DSL is
> connected??
> > If it's always blinking, either
> > you need to set up your PPP settings, or QWest is having some DSL issues
> > on your line.
> So do I need to use ppp0 (I've only used PPP (that I know of) for
> dial-up). When using Cable modem is it also considered a
> PPP connection?? "Point-to-Point" would kind indicate that it is. I don't
> know if there is a parallel protocol to PPP.
> > Once you connect to it using minicom or whatever (again, make SURE you
> > disable hardware flow control *BEFORE* typing anything to the 675),
> Done. And minicom is open but pointing to my internal modem (not the
> router). not sure where to point it: eth0 or a serial port. (see above).
> > them to your own ISPs.  I haven't used this setup, I'm running static
> > IPs.
> Yea, I bought/leased? a block of 8, but have no clue how I'll find out
> what they are. I assume the actual IP@ wont be guaranteed until the
> service is up, so I haven't bothered to ask.
> John
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I use a Cisco 675 through QWest, but I use MHO for my ISP. They use Bridging mode. I
always have a green led on the WAN/Lnk. Sounds like a slightly different setup if you
have to use PPP.

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