[lug] Passwordless Pine?

Glenn Murray gmurray at Mines.EDU
Tue Sep 5 14:50:58 MDT 2000


I am running pine from Debian to an AIX Unix server.  I want
to leave my mail up on the server, so I am using IMAP.

I would like to access my mail without typing in my server
password.  I have made this not work in three ways:

1. By compiling in a PASSFILE variable.  I tried setting
this by putting a line

#define	PASSFILE "pine.pwd"

in /usr/src/pine4/pine4-4.21/pine/osdep/os-lnx.h
but it had no effect.  Searching the net revealed several
other people who had no luck compiling in this feature.
Has anyone ever compiled the PASSFILE feature into Unix?
It works in PC-Pine.

2. Via pine and ssh.  I have a working passwordless ssh connection
to the server.  However, following the pine installation
instructions for configuring pinerc for ssh I run into
the problem that the server has no /etc/rimapd file and
the  administrators are probably not going to create one soon.  

3. Directly via ssh:
$ ssh -t -l <username> <server> pine
Terminal type "xterm-debian", is unknown.
Connection to <server> closed.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  Is there some way to do
this via X?

Glenn Murray

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