[lug] Crash during shutdown

Giuliano Rescaldani g.resca at iinfinito.it
Wed Sep 6 00:49:08 MDT 2000

	thanks for yor kind and full reply:

> There is a kernel compile option for APM, probably be sure it isn't
> available in the kernel. There is in /etc/rc.d/init.d a script for start
> and stop of several services, of which apmd is one. Although I don't
> suggest removing this script or the sym links at various run levels to
> this script (my system has these but doesn't run apmd), probably reading
> the script would give you an idea of where in the system the actual
> config is found to decide if apm should or should not be disabled.
> Somewhere you might have a file that contains something similar to
> "apmd=1" (just a sample, don't know if this really exists).
I already tried looking at the apmd script: in the very firts lines, it
checks for /proc/apm file, if it doesn't exist, it exits.
Unfortunately I do have the /proc/apm file (why?) and it is -r--r--r--. No
way to remove it: chmod 666 doesn't give any error message, but the file is
left 444! rm of a file with 444 is impossible!

Anyway, just to try, I changed the initila test to check for /proc/apmx
(that, of course, doesn't exist) and the script exits immediately. ...but I
still have the crash!

I also looked for the string "Power down." that is the last message just
before the crash, but I cannot find it in any scripts. Any idea where can I
look for a "program" that says "Power down." ?

Thanks again.


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