[lug] Intrusion Detection Software. And basic secure networking.

Kevin kevin at scrye.com
Tue Sep 5 13:41:01 MDT 2000

>>>>> "John" == John Starkey <jstarkey at ajstarkey.com> writes:

>> have you looked at snort?
John> I couldn't get java install to work. Got an error in one of the
John> classes.

java? humm...the snort I was playing with didn't have any java

If you are using a redhat based system you can just install the rpm
(wich also contains a script to grab the latest lib files so it can
figure out the attacks). http://www.snort.org/ for more info. 

>> you want them to share file space? NFS is probibly the most
>> transparent solution. Being the paranoid I am, I would likely have
>> www a seperate file space and have to use cvs or scp to upload
>> changes.

John> Is it that easy to hack ftp???

If there is a network sniffer anywhere between your www and home
system, then they can grab your login and passwords just fine. ;) 

It's pretty easy to just start using ssh instead of telnet and
rlogin/rsh and scp instead of ftp. That way things are always

Also, if you are allowing ftp thru your firewall, it can be hijacked
just because of the stupid way the protocol is defined. :)

John> John


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