[lug] Intrusion Detection Software. And basic secure networking.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Wed Sep 6 10:08:50 MDT 2000

> John> I couldn't get java install to work. Got an error in one of the
> John> classes.
> java? humm...the snort I was playing with didn't have any java
> requirement... 

Ooops. Maybe that was hummer. But I did try installing the src and didn't
work. I've gotten in the habit of avoiding rpms. But I am d-loading it
now. rpm -q always tells me nothing is installed even though ps is telling
me otherwise, and I used rpm -i to install it.

> John> Is it that easy to hack ftp???
> It's pretty easy to just start using ssh instead of telnet and
> rlogin/rsh and scp instead of ftp. That way things are always
> encrypted. 

Yea I just started requiring ssh to my server.
> Also, if you are allowing ftp thru your firewall, it can be hijacked
> just because of the stupid way the protocol is defined. :)

Is there any easy way to explain this??

Are you talking about doing so without passwords??


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