[lug] Crash during shutdown

Giuliano Rescaldani g.resca at iinfinito.it
Thu Sep 7 00:52:07 MDT 2000

	thanks for your reply, but possibly my initial message was not so clear: is
it possible to convince Linux to shutdown and do not ever try to power the
hardware off?

> AFAIK the option to power off at shutdown only works with ATX style MB's
> since these have a 'soft switch' for power control.  So if the machine is
> not the ATX style, but the older AT style, enabling this option is
> useless.  Most laptops have soft switches.
We don't want to power off the box. APM is not enabled in the BIOS nor in
the SETUp of Linux, but I start wondering if this is an APM problem or it is
something else that tries to power off this box. On an other box, not ATX
style, the shutdown just leads to the Power Off message and nothing else
happens. This is fine for us. Of course a crash at this point is not very
dangerous or disturbing: the user relly needed to terminate Linux and
supposingly the file system was "closed" correctly.

> Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off
>   Use real mode APM BIOS calls to switch off the computer. This is
>   a work-around for a number of buggy BIOSes. Switch this option on if
>   your computer crashes instead of powering off properly.
We don't want it turned off!

We will try all yours and Mr. Stimtis suggestions. It will take a while
because that happens in a "production" machine and we can do some testing
only few minutes per week.

Thanks again.


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