[lug] sound recording roadblocks and solutions

Anders Knudsen andersk at uswest.net
Wed Sep 6 18:30:46 MDT 2000

Wayde Allen wrote:

> This is a topic I've wanted to have someone give a presentation on for
> some time now.  Neal, I don't suppose that you would be willing to give us
> an overview presentation once you get this working?  Is there anyone else
> out there who could do this?
> I think there are several levels I'd be interested in.  At the most basic
> level, is the issue of getting sound working under Linux.  I'd kind of
> like to start here.  Beyond that, I would like to hear about anyone using
> Linux as a digital studio system for both audio and/or video.  Anyone want
> to work on such a presentation or know someone that I should contact?
> - Wayde
>   (wallen at its.bldrdoc.gov)

Wayde. I would second your suggestion. I don't know much about getting
sound/video working on Linux (but am trying to learn.)
A companion topic for this would be DVD on Linux. The lastest "home theatre"
craze is to build an HTPC (Home Theatre PC) which acts as a DVD player and
MP3 jukebox. Currently on all the forums I've been reading, Windows is the
favored OS for creating an HTPC. The quality output from these HTPCs rivals
that of line doublers costing in the 10's of thousands of dollars.
So I ask, why not Linux? I know it's typically a "software" issue, and in the
case of HTPC it seams that the population building these find Windows easier
to deal with. This may remain the case, even if Linux software was available
that was as good as, or better than the Windows counterpart, since most
people don't want to tackle the general OS install/configuration. I've
rambled on long enough... :)
Meeting topic: Audio and Video on Linux, or Linux HTPC.
Now, who knows, or knows someone who knows, enough about this stuff to run a
nice presentation about it?
This may be just as popular as the Gaming on Linux meeting was. ;-)

FYI, http://www.avsforum.com/
and check out the Home Theater Computers forum (if you're interrested.)

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