[lug] ASP on Apache/Linux

rm at mamma.varadinet.de rm at mamma.varadinet.de
Thu Sep 7 13:09:30 MDT 2000

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 11:09:46AM -0400, John Starkey wrote:
> > note that 10k/month isn't enough to even bother thinking about.
> > assuming that you have 8 peak hours a day, that gives you about 160
> > hours/month to to service 10k requests.  multiplying that by 3600
> > seconds/hour says that you have some 579k sec/month for those
> > requests, which works out to about one a minute.
> > 
> > you can get away with using plain old CGI for that.  i can appreciate
> > the desire to engineer for efficiency and scaling, but until you go up
> > another two orders of magnitude, you don't have to worry about that
> > here.  also, network bandwidth will often become a limiting factor
> > before CPU power will.
> I kinda lost you here. What are you saying CGI? I've never used asp
> before, although I will have training coming up soon at work. Are you
> saying rewrite all his scripts, functions, whatever's into cgi scipts.
> The site isn't designed, or coded by me. I'll only be hosting it.

Erm, just a question: does the person who does the design _know_
that this won't be for a MS-based server? AFAIK you can't just 
take a Windoof site and put it on Apache::ASP ...

I think the point was: even if you would run this stuff with CGIs
instead of an Apache module the box would be still bored. Actually,
thinking of it, on a low bandwidth site (and 10k/month hits is low
bandwidth) CGI might need _less_ resources than mod_perl (but you
would loose a certain amount of speed and responsiveness).

> > my home machine got some 9k hits last month, of which about 10% were
> > CGI-based.  i didn't even notice the load, and that's on "antiquated"
> > hardware (AMD K6-3 450MHz, VIA MVP-3 chipset, 100MHz FSB, 384MB RAM,
> > SCSI).
> To start this venture off I'm running Apache on a 333 HP 4440 w/ 64Mb and
> Sendmail on 266 Mhz noname with 72Mb. I'm looking for another 128Mb for
> the HP.

Overkill :-)

> I've got 3 domains/sites to have up by the end of next week. And 2 more
> after that to register/design/code and then I will be starting Linux from
> Scratch on a 450 Mz.
> I was a little worried about the bandwidth but I think you just did a fine
> jobs of putting things in light. If it does come down to CPU I'll just
> split the load/domain/machine. The mail.domain.com machine should do fine,
> I think, since it can be a little slower for starters.

Well, monitor your logfiles. You can't just average the hitcount over
24h a day :-) I have some B2B sites where 80% of the traffic happen within
3 hours during workdays.


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