[lug] ASP on Apache/Linux

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Thu Sep 7 13:35:03 MDT 2000

> Erm, just a question: does the person who does the design _know_
> that this won't be for a MS-based server? AFAIK you can't just 
> take a Windoof site and put it on Apache::ASP ...

Uhhh oh... I was reading the info on the site and I started to gather
that. I'm downloading ChiliSoft right now. Hope that's not the same deal.

> I think the point was: even if you would run this stuff with CGIs
> instead of an Apache module the box would be still bored. Actually,
> thinking of it, on a low bandwidth site (and 10k/month hits is low
> bandwidth) CGI might need _less_ resources than mod_perl (but you
> would loose a certain amount of speed and responsiveness).

So does this mean that asp is ore of a concept than a language. I guess I
should talk to some of the developpers at work about this one. There has
to be a way.

> > To start this venture off I'm running Apache on a 333 HP 4440 w/ 64Mb and
> > Sendmail on 266 Mhz noname with 72Mb. I'm looking for another 128Mb for
> > the HP.
> Overkill :-)

Buying time.

I'd much rather be creating sites than configuring machines.

What is the average out there for say machines hosting < 500k hits with
very little streaming data. I was looking at some refurbished SUN machines
and they're in the $1k + range w/o any memory.  Wonder how many of the
great sites out there are being hosted on 333Mz machines.


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