[lug] CRON

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Thu Sep 7 14:43:38 MDT 2000

In my effort to move everything to linux (w/o GUI) I want to start moving
reminders over. 

I have cron doing a couple jobs for some apps I've installed. I did the
entries but they aren't very similar to what I wanna do here. I checked RH
Unleashed and it's not giving me the info I want, and the example I tried
from that book a few months ago didn't work at all.

I need to have reminders show up on the screen and some I want emailed. If
I write a script to simply echo "whatever I need to say to myself" how
would I require a certain keystroke to confirm? ( an IF statement maybe?? 

Is it possible to do this on ttyS[1-6] and have input from one confirm for
all the vt's??

And in the daily entry in crontab what do the "*" represent. If I remember
correctly they're 15 minute increments in the hourly line.



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