[lug] CRON

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Thu Sep 7 17:54:57 MDT 2000

John Starkey wrote:
> I need to have reminders show up on the screen and some I want emailed. If
> I write a script to simply echo "whatever I need to say to myself" how
> would I require a certain keystroke to confirm? ( an IF statement maybe??

This isn't exactly what you requested, but it may be close enough for you.

I created a file called "reminders", then a little "crontab -e" line to mail it
to me at regular intervals.  All that's needed then is some program which
notifies me when email arrives - I use gkrellm for that.

Following is the crontab line which mails me that file every morning at 1 a.m.

0 1 * * *  mail caldodge at fpcc.net <reminders "-sReminders"

You can get fancier, of course.  Another cron job runs a script which
calculates the number of days until our upcoming marriage, then plugs that
number into a countdown message which is mailed to my fiancee.


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