[lug] Coldfusion & Linux

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Thu Sep 7 22:31:47 MDT 2000

I've used ColdFusion 4.5.1 talking to a MS SQL Server 7.0
database, using either the OpenLink ODBC drivers or the
newly supplied Merant drivers (included with the latest
version of CF for Linux). I do not recommend SQL Server
for anything but disk fill... My personal preference
would be Postgres for small stuff or Oracle for any
enterprise class work.

But... why ColdFusion??? I find it a particularly
repugnant web application development environment. Zope
is a much better choice, with a reasonable object
model and richer syntax and control structures. CF
only matches Zope's extensibility under Windows with
the use of COM. (I have yet to find any info on using
CORBA with CF under Linux.)

PHP would be another better choice for a server side
scripting language.

The only thing to recommend CF is the market for
CF developers.

Kyle Moore wrote:
> Anyone using/used Coldfusion on Linux? I wondering specifically what
> databases were used and if any problems were encountered that I should
> be aware of. Does one have to use ODBC with the Linux version? I'm
> tentatively thinking about using MySQL but am certainly open to
> alternatives.
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